AussieETA Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously, so this document outlines exactly what we do with your private information.

Here's what we do with your information.

Firstly, we collect all the details on the visa application form, including your names, date of birth, passport details and address. The reason we collect this information is because these details are required by Australian immigration when we assist you with your visa application.

When you make payment on our website, you are initiating a 3rd party credit card payment portal, one of the best and most trusted in the world, so you can be assured that your credit card information is never stored on our website, but inserted directly with our payment gateway partners at

The only thing we use your private information for, is to apply for your visa application. This is done electronically, so your information is electronically passed on via our technical partner channels to the Australian Immigration system. Once a visa result is received, the process works in reverse, where the immigration system will send back your visa details (or a visa denial) via our technical partners, to us, who will in turn send the visa result to you via email.

All the information you provide is done so voluntarily, but keep in mind that we cannot process your visa application without having all the information we need, so if you feel uncomfortable with any of the information our system requires, please abandon your application process.

Protection of your information.

Your personal information is contained behind an encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and access to this information is strictly limited. We use the email address provided to send the visa result to you. We then delete all your information from our own systems.

Your credit card information is handled by a card processing company. The payment widget on our website, is actually their widget and thus you enter your credit card details directly on their website. They are one of the world's leading card processing companies, so your information is safely handled by a regulated card processor.

Use of Third Parties - Disclosure

We only disclose your information as necessary to obtain your visa. Of course your information will be kept on our servers, so our website partners are carefully selected as trusted and professional companies with who also agreed to keep your information confidential.

We do use non-identifiable information for statistical and marketing purposes. We also may release your information if required to comply with any laws, enforce our own policies and to protect our or others' rights, safety and property.

Website Encryption

We have a 256K SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate on our website, so you know that your information is securely submitted to our website.

Should you have any further questions, please email