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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an eVisitor Visa?

An eVisitor visa is an electronic travel visa that allows you to enter Australia for tourism or business purposes and is available to British and most other European passport holders. Once it's issued, the Australian Border Authorities can access your visa, and so can the airlines and your travel agent. You do need an eVisitor visa before you travel, but this is an electronic visa, so you don't need any additional stickers in your passport.


How long before I travel should I Apply?

Most visa applications are finalized within 15 minutes, however if your application is selected for verification, it can take up to 5 days or more. As such we would suggest applying at least two weeks prior to departure. The visa will be valid for 12 months, so you can apply even earlier than 2 weeks prior to travel.


My passport nationality is not listed, can AussieETA still assist?

AussieETA can only assist passport holders from the UK and most other European countries, if you have a different passport, you will need to go directly to the Australian visa website at and apply for the visa yourself. Regrettably, we cannot assist.


What is the cost of doing my visa with

AussieETA charges a convenience and service fee of $40 per applicant. Payment is made via our secure payment gateway and our service consultants will be available for any questions or updates you may require.


I have a previous visa, but I got a new passport, can i travel to Australia without obtaining a new visa?

No, if you obtained a new passport, you will also need to obtain a new visa. Simply click on apply now and apply in minutes on our website.

If you have any other questions not listed in the FAQs please contact us via email at